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Models Miquel S.L.
is a family business founded on 1984. In the beginning its activity was devoted exclusively to the construction of fundering molds.

The company, learned how to incorporate the new technologies, and nowadays it has diversified its product range thanks to the technical and human resources at its disposal.

Models Miquel S.L.'s main objective is to evolve and improve its main production processes constantly, that is why we are working on a new line of research “PROJECTE PARAMÈTRIC” to reach the highest level of competitiveness and offer very competitive prices and also tight deadlines as required by the current market.


Models Miquel S.L. has a technical office with the support of advanced CAD/CAM programs, working in parallel with the parametric research program.

Numerical controlled machinery is available at our facilities, with 4 high-speed centers and one numerical controlled milling machine designed exclusively for the construction of prototypes in paste master to complete the entrusted project.

Study of clients proposals is performed, and also adaptation to clients needs. Every project is a new creation.

We are proud of the image of seriousness and professionalism that we have succeeded in creating thanks to our manufactured products and also to the acceptance and satisfaction we receive from our customers.

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